Vintage Gray Milk Bottle Crate, Twin Pines Dairy, Detroit, MI

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Many people are using milk crates to re-purpose for various home storage and shelving so they are a good pickup if you can find them for a decent price! We use one in our house as a shoe organizer!  :^)

• Found At: Garage Sale in Michigan

• Purchased For: $5

• Value: Sold for $36 (October, 2012)

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• A Little History Lesson: It’s been a long time since fresh milk, cream, and cottage cheese were delivered right to your milk chute, but for almost 20 years, Twin Pines Dairy was perhaps Detroit ‘s finest creamery. Before the emergence of convenience stores, Twin Pines was such a success that it even had its own children’s television show, Milky’s Party Time, from 1950 to 1967. (Source:

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