Antique Steampunk Ford Motor Company Safety Glasses w/Leather Flaps

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Make sure to inspect very closely for maker markings on items that you buy. I bought these old steampunk-style goggles at an antique mall in Michigan because I thought they were awesome and I knew steampunk was hot so I’d be able to make a decent profit on them. Upon closer examination when I got them home, I noticed a tiny marking on the bridge of the nose. It was so small, I had to take a photo of it and zoom in just to read it! After that, I realized it was the Ford Motor Company’s script logo so at that point, I knew I’d be able to get even more for them!

• Found At: Antique Store in Michigan

• Purchased For: $37

• Value: Sold for $175 (May, 2014)

See item listing here.

• A Little History Lesson: Henry Ford did not invent the assembly line, though he certainly revolutionized auto manufacturing by employing a moving conveyor system with fixed work stations for industrial purposes. But Ford acknowledged that he got the idea from the slaughterhouse and meat packing plants of Chicago. (Source:

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