Vintage 1950s Sunbeam Vista Clothing Iron, Teal and Chrome

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If you can find vintage appliances that are still working and are a unique color or design, they are a great find!

• Found At: Garage Sale in Michigan

• Purchased For: $2

• Value: Sold for $18 (November, 2011)

See item listing here.

• A Little History Lesson: In 1928, Sunbeam’s head designer, Swedish immigrant Ivar Jepson, invented the Mixmaster mixer. Introduced in 1930, it was the first mechanical mixer with two detachable beaters whose blades interlocked. The Mixmaster became the company’s flagship product for the next forty years, but the brand also became known for the designs, mainly by Robert Davol Budlong, of electric toasters, coffee makers, and electric shavers, among other appliances. (Source:

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