Vintage 1978 Working Fisher-Price Toys Turntable (Model 825)

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Music on vinyl has been making a big comeback so if you can find old turntables that are still in working condition, they’re an easy sell! I even have one of my own to listen to my classic jazz records!  :^)  I’m sure I could have gotten a little more for this one, but I needed to move it quickly since we were about to make a cross-country move.

• Found At: Thrift Store in Michigan

• Purchased For: $4.23

• Value: Sold for $40 (November, 2012)

See item listing here.

• A Little History Lesson: The first Fisher-Price toy ever sold was “Dr. Doodle” in 1931.  In the early 1950s, Fisher-Price identified plastic as a material that could help the company incorporate longer-lasting decorations and brighter colors into its toys. “Buzzy Bee” was the first Fisher-Price toy to make use of plastic.By the end of the 1950s, Fisher-Price manufactured 39 toys incorporating plastics. (Source:

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