Antique Green L.C. Smith Corona Manual Typewriter, Circa 1929

Antique Green L.C. Smith Corona Manual Typewriter, Circa 1929
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I picked up this amazing, antique L.C. Smith Corona typewriter through an online classified ad in Michigan. I do occasional searches on online classified ad sites for cool things like vintage radios, typewriters, cameras and clocks. Usually they’re priced higher, but sometimes I come across good ones that I could make some money on! I’m sure I could have gotten a little more for this one, but we were about to move from Michigan to Florida so I was cutting prices of larger, heavier items to sell them before we moved.

• Found At: Classified Ad in Michigan

• Purchased For: $40

• Value: Sold for $125 (November, 2012)

See item listing here.

• A Little History Lesson: In 1873, the men holding the patent for the first typewriter – James Densmore and Christopher Sholes – offered their machine to Eliphalet Remington and Sons, manufacturers of firearms and sewing machines. In Remington’s well-equipped machine shops the typewriter was tested, strengthened, and improved. The Remingtons believed there would be a demand for the typewriter and offered to buy the patents, paying either a lump sum, or a royalty. Sholes preferred the ready cash and received $12,000, while Densmore chose the royalty and received $1,500,000! (Source:

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