Antique Pathex Tripod w/Canvas & Leather Bag

Antique Pathex Tripod w/Canvas & Leather Bag
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Antique photography accessories such as this awesome, portable Pathex tripod and bag are a great find and an easy sell. People buy them to use with their vintage cameras or to use as props or unique additions to photography collections. Can’t you just picture a camera from the 1920s sitting on this tripod in someone’s modern house?!?

• Found At: Garage Sale in Michigan

• Purchased For: $1

• Value: Sold for $40 (September, 2012)

See item listing here.

A Little History Lesson: Pathe Baby was the trade name for a 9.5 mm home movie system introduced in France for Christmas 1922. Pathex was the trade name of Pathe Exchange, Inc., Pathe’s US subsidiary. In America, film exchanges distributed movie releases to theaters. The 9.5 mm format was introduced in America for Christmas of 1925 (Model D projectors). A lot of money was spent, but Kodak, with 16 mm and then 8 mm, blew Pathe 9.5 mm out of the North America market. (Source:

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