Vintage 1935 Mammoth Cave 3-D Souvenir Book w/Glasses

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Anytime you can find an old specialty book (3-D, stamps to paste, unique item included, etc.) such as this one that still has all the original components, snatch it up while you can! So many of these were used for their original purpose and the special pieces lost, pasted in book, removed, etc. They are a rare find indeed!

• Found At: Estate Sale in Michigan

• Purchased For: $1

• Value: Sold for $30 (July, 2013)

See item listing here.

A Little History Lesson: In 1841, Mammoth Cave owner Dr. John Croghan believed the cave air might cure his patients suffering from tuberculosis. He brought 16 patients into Mammoth Cave that winter and housed them in stone and wood huts. After some perished, they left the cave, for of course the cave air offered no cure. (Source:

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