Vintage Blue Metal Sears Two Speed Cage Fan, Working

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People always love the look of these vintage cage fans! And as with most retro finds, the brighter and bolder the color, the better! This blue Sears brand fan was working and in very nice condition! When selling these old cage fans, I’d suggest including a reminder that they not be used when children are around, just as a disclaimer of sorts.

• Found At: Estate Sale in Michigan

• Purchased For: $4

• Value: Sold for $28 (August, 2011)

See item listing here.

• A Little History Lesson: The electric fan was invented in 1882, when Schuyler Skaats Wheeler figured out how to apply the fledgling science of electricity to make a fan turn. Drawing on the work of Thomas Edison and Nicola Tesla, Wheeler invented a desktop fan consisting of two blades—unshielded by any sort of protective cage—powered by an electric motor. The fan was marketed by the Crocker & Curtis Electric Motor Co. (Source:

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