Vintage 1963 Native American Indian Chief Tray Puzzle, Milton Bradley

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I got this vintage 1963 Native American Indian Chief tray puzzle (by Milton Bradley) through an online auction in a lot of seven vintage tray puzzles. When purchasing old puzzles to sell, of course first make sure they have all the pieces, but also make sure they still look nice as well. Many people who buy these now will use them as art/decor pieces. Usually, the more unusual the graphics on the puzzle, the better!

• Found At: Online Auction

• Purchased For: $2.35

• Value: Sold for $14 (November, 2013)

See item listing here.

A Little History Lesson: Milton Bradley was one of the great 19th-century American inventor-industrialists. Although he is now best known for the game company which still bears his name, Bradley’s many non-game inventions including the zoetrope and color wheel, as well as his promotion of the early kindergarten movement, have also had a lasting influence on American culture. (Source:

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