Vintage Little Golden Book – The Story of Baby Jesus by Eloise Wilkin

Vintage Little Golden Book – The Story of Baby Jesus by Eloise Wilkin
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It’s no secret that vintage Little Golden Books are a weakness of mine. This copy of “The Story of Baby Jesus” was an amazing estate sale find! First of all, it was a first edition. Vintage LGBs will have an “A” printed on the last page (often under the spine) if it is a first edition, and this one did. Second, it was in great condition – not many flaws at all! Third, it had all of the stamps still attached in the front of the book! This is truly rare to find since the vast majority of children would tear them out and paste them inside (granted, that was the intended purpose for them). Lastly, it was beautifully illustrated by the wonderfully talented Eloise Wilkin, a much desired children’s book artist. Not to mention it was only priced at $0.25!  :^)  This gem sold within a couple days of being listed for sale. Although looking back, I wish I would have kept it as I have since started my own collection of first edition LGBs. I’m sure I’ll never come across this one again for such an amazing price…

• Found At: Estate Sale in Michigan

• Purchased For: $0.25

• Value: Sold for $28 (May, 2012)

• See item listing here.

A Little History Lesson: The first twelve Little Golden Books were published by Simon & Schuster in September of 1942. George Duplaix (president of the Artists and Writers Guild, Inc.) came up with the idea of a durable, cheaper children’s book because most children’s books at the time sold for $2-$3. The first Little Golden Books sold for an average of 25¢ each. (Source:

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