Vintage 1950s Silvertone 5017 Tube Table Radio

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I found this retro 1950s Silvertone 5017 Tube Table Radio paired with another vintage radio by searching locally for “vintage radio” on CraigsList. I was able to negotiate down to $15 for the pair since neither of them was in working order. With cool, art deco radios such as this one, they don’t even need to be working to turn a decent profit because they make an awesome design piece on a shelf or table! Of course if they ARE working, you can make an even better profit! But before you drop money on an old radio, make sure it is at least in nice enough condition to use as a decor piece.

• Found At: Classified Ad in Michigan

• Purchased For: $7.50

• Value: Sold for $36 (November, 2011)

• See item listing here.

A Little History Lesson: Sears began selling Silvertone radios in the early 1920s. The radios quickly took off in popularity in the 1930s as people wanted to receive updates on the progress and news of World War II. (Source:

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