Vintage GE Flip Flash II Arrays Pack, General Electric

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Vintage cameras are hot as of late. Many younger people are buying them to actually use them. If you see unopened accessories – such as this GE Flip Flash II Arrays unopened pack, General Electric ADSG316-A2 – they can be an easy sell!

• Found At: Garage Sale in Michigan

• Purchased For: $1

• Value: Sold for $8 (June, 2011)

• See item listing here.

A Little History Lesson: The first recognizable flash bulb for general use was invented in 1925 by Vierkötter – using flash powder in an evacuated light bulb, fired by a lamp filament. Later that year, Vierkötter made a low-pressure-filled bulb. There are conflicting reports of the first commercial bulbs – made either by General Electric in the US, c.1927, or the Vacublitz aluminium foil bulbs made by Ostermeier in Germany, c.1929. (Source:

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