Vintage Stitched Country Flower Fabric Artwork, Oval Wood Frame

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My then six-year-old daughter found this treasure at a flea market, bought it with her own money and then sold it in my shop! Carrying on the love of things old!

• Found At: Flea Market in Michigan

• Found, bought and sold by my then-six-year-old daughter!

• Purchased For: $0.25

• Value: Sold for $13.75 (February, 2012)

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• A Little History Lesson: One of the most famous cross stitch pieces is The Bayeux Tapestry, which measures over 70 meters long. It is believed that it was commissioned in the 11th century. Although it is called a tapestry, it is in fact an embroidery, stitched (not woven) in woolen yarns on linen. The tapestry is on display at Bayeux in Normandy, France. (Source:

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